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Introducing Louise Wright
by Gary Hardy


Ibiza Local News

I am delighted this week to be able to introduce yet another person who wants to join us and write a weekly column for our ever-increasing online publication each Saturday.

Louise Wright is an enthusiastic seventeen-years-old young lady who was born in London but has lived for fifteen years with her Irish parents here on Ibiza.

During the scorching summertime Louise works for a local Spanish newspaper and then throughout the tranquil wintertime she studies at a local Spanish College.

"From little acorns mighty oaks will grow". Louise has always wanted to be a journalist from a tender nine-years-of-age so hopefully she will help us and also fulfil her thriving ambitions by writing an interesting "Local News" page for our everlasting weekly website publication.

Sinclair Newton, our witty "Sober Life" columnist, who has a lifetime of vast experience at being a professional "Borderline" journalist has read the first "Local News" column written this week by Louise Wright and although they haven't (as yet) met, Sinclair through his wisdom has made the following written comments:

"I think my first observation is that this girl can spell! What a pleasure that is!"

"I think her column is what we would have called at the Daily Mail: 'Dull but interesting."

"We tended to put these sort of stories on page two, which was the accepted DBI slot."

"I would however like to see a seventeen year old behaving like a 17-year-old and reporting on things that would be interesting to people her age, who are likely to be online."

"Tell her to read Julie Burchill on www.guardianunlimited.co.uk because she made her career (and a million pounds) by being seventeen and writing about what interested her generation."

Take-risks-and-never-look-back. One man's risk is another's sure bet. I may have the reputation for being a risk-taker, but when I look back, I wasn't always conscious of taking them. To me, at the crossroads, there weren't really two divergent paths for me to consider; two stark but equally compelling choices. There was a dead end and the edge of a cliff. So if it's die or jump, is it risk or destiny? Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe risk is destiny.

Culmination "I murmured because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet" (Persian Proverb). I believe that Louis Wright is one of those people who is only capable of thinking positively and therefore I've every confidence that this bright young lady will listen to cultured advise and with experience bloom to become an exceptionally good writer.

Gary Hardy