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Andrés Monreal

Commentary by Gary Hardy



On Monday of this week, José and I went to visit the flamboyant maestro, Andrés Monreal, at his home and studio which is a primeval finca that is buried in the woods and the countryside of San Mateo.

Andrés Monreal is an extraordinary artist and a man who on the initial meeting gives a glare and a stare that goes all the way through you like a gilt-edged sabre cutting butter.

José did most of the talking whilst I made myself busy by taking some pictures of this character, his environment and the soundings that he lives and works in to create his bizarre paintings that are always in demand.

Andr?s Monreal
Andr?s Monreal at the place where he paints
Part of the colourful studio of Andr?s Monreal
Another part of the colourful studio of Andr?s Monreal
Andrés Monreal in his finca debating an interview with José P Ribas
Andr?s Monreal at home pondering with Jos? P Ribas
Andr?s Monreal
Andr?s Monreal & Jos? P Ribas

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Monday 23rd September 2002)

Details: If you should require any further information about Andr?s Monreal and his work then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

Gary Hardy