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A Preview Of "Artists On Ibiza"
"Es Verro"


Antonio Hormigo The Sculptor of Ibiza

Commentary by Gary Hardy



I wrote last week that we are going to start a new feature "Artists on Ibiza" and during this week both Louise Wright and José P Ribas kicked off by going along to interview the famous sculptor of Ibiza, Antonio Hormigo, in his workshop studio here at Port d'es Turrent.

This full length interview will be featured in next Saturday's edition along with pictures of this very interesting and talented man with a detailed selection his work over the many years that he has been producing phenomenal masterpieces.

However, in the meantime, I thought it might be a taster if we were to published a small selection of pictures from one of Antonio Hormigo's more better known works during the period it was being made here on the island.

This piece of his work is well-known, simply because, almost every single person who visits San Antonio will have noticed the "The Shouting Man" which stands proudly opposite the local Portmany Football Ground in Calle Ramon y Cajal,

The proper name for this statue is "Es Verro" which when translated means "The Brave One" and it has stood in this same position since 1977


All pictures courtesy of Antonio Hormigo

Houses in the Ibicencan countryside are spread far apart and they are mostly isolated. During the old days people had a way of shouting to give each other news, especially warnings of when pirates were coming to attack and above all Turkish invaders.

They called this shouting in Ibicencan "UC" which is a long and very strong shout that more or less sounds like "Ah-ah-ah-ah-too-too" and when the people heard this shout they knew that something serious was happening.

This shouting is also practised at the end of a local fiesta or during folklore dancing and was even used many years ago by the man over his proud conquest of a woman in a courting relationship.

Culmination: You will notice that the left trouser leg of "Es Verro" is turned up. This is deliberately done to identify "The Brave One" of the neighbourhood.

Gary Hardy