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Julio Bauz?

Commentary by Gary Hardy



This is the fourth feature in our popular series of an "Artists on Ibiza" and this week José P Ribas has produced an exclusive article on the multi-talented artist, Julio Bauzá, who has been living and working his miracles here on the island of Ibiza for almost three decades.

I went along with José when he did his interview and took several photographs of Julio Bauzá, his home, studio, workshop and his also talented assistant, Pedro Juan Hormigo.

Julio Bauz?
The Home of Julio Bauzá
The Home of Julio Bauzá
Pedro Juan Hormigo & Julio Bauzá
The Studio of Julio Bauzá
The Workshop of Julio Bauzá
Julio Bauzá & Pedro Juan Hormigo in the Workshop
Julio Bauzá & Pedro Juan Hormigo

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Monday 15th July 2002)

Details: If you should require information on purchasing the work from Julio Bauzá then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

Gary Hardy