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Marcel Floris

Commentary by Gary Hardy



These regular fortnightly adventure trips out and about the island with José P Ribas are very enjoyable to say the least and on Tuesday afternoon of this week, I accompanied José on a visit to the home of Marcel and Mary Floris, who live in a grand old finca which is set in the countryside between Santa Eulalia and San Carlos.

As per usual, José did most of the talking whilst I was busy taking photographs of Marcel and Mary and the wonderful environment that this energetic couple both live and work amongst together.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that each artist we interview who was not born here on the island all have the same to say about Ibiza. They initially arrive and instantly fall in love with our spectacular light and after living here for a while they never seem to have the desire to leave because they always feel well and if they ever do for a trip they always miss the island and have that special need to return to Ibiza.

Marcel in his wisdom made a valid suggestion: “Why don’t we have a get together or a conference each year and invite all the artists who live here on the island? Maybe this could be a future positive date in the calendar for Ibiza?

Marcel Floris
BMarcel Floris in his workshoplank
Some creations of Marcel Floris scattered around the grounds of his property
Marcel Floris in his studio
The back garden
Marcel and Mary Floris together with Jose Ribas

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (2nd July 2002)

Details: If you should require any further information about Marcel Floris and his work then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience, or his personal web site at www.marcelfloris.web-page.net/

Gary Hardy