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Toni Ribas Costa "Toniet"

Commentary by Gary Hardy



It was a lovely day when I drove José P Ribas over to the other side of the island last Monday morning to interview and take some pictures of one of the island's leading ceramists, Toniet, at his home and workshop in Sant Jordi.

I enjoy getting out of the office and taking off to meet and talk with these extremely interesting Artists on Ibiza, who we search out and go to see once a fortnight in their own environment.

This fortnightly series is now beginning to develop into a fascinating feature for all concerned and I'm sure our readers around the world will find it even more interesting as Ibiza has always been known since the dawn of time as the island where the artists live to create.

Toniet from Sant Jordi
Toniet at his work bench
Toniet in his workshop
Toniet at home amongst some of his creations
Toniet taking time out to relax
Toniet discussing art with Jos? P Ribas

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Monday 8th April 2002)

Details: If you should require information on purchasing a painting from Toniet then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

Gary Hardy