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Toni Tur

Commentary by Gary Hardy



This week it's the turn of Toni Tur be our guest Artists on Ibiza and this talented young jeweller and sculptor from Sant Josép can certainly look forward to a very bright future with his art.

José P Ribas and myself made a journey last week to visit Toni at his home and studio-workshop in Sant Josép to discuss his new ideas and take some pictures of this industrious artist and his work.

Toni Tur from Sant Jos?p
Toni Tur the Artist
Toni Tur between his work
Toni Tur pondering over the next move
Toni Tur in his workshop with some new ideas
Toni Tur the jeweller
Work in progress
Toni Tur the sculptor

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Monday 18th March 2002)

Details:If you should require any further information about Toni Tur and his work then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

Gary Hardy