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Vicente Ferrer Guasch

Commentary by Gary Hardy



This week it’s the turn of a sprightly 85-year-old gentleman and a scholar to feature as the Artist on Ibiza in our popular fortnightly series. On Wednesday afternoon of this week, José P Ribas and I drove across the island to the old town of Ibiza for a meeting with an immortalized Ibicencan painter, Vicente Ferrer Guasch, who like one of Ferrer Guasch’s kinsman and a previous candidate for Artists on Ibiza, Antoni Pomar (Weekly Edition 063 Saturday 11th May 2002), has been producing exceptional paintings for well over the past fifty years.

We met with Vicente Ferrer Guasch in his warm studio in the centre of town and nearby to the bustling old port of Ibiza. Vicente immediately struck us as a charming man who’s seen one or two things above the norm during his long lifetime and although Ferrer Guasch is getting on in years he was full of courage and eager to talk enthusiastically about a new adventure and a fresh challenge with his exhibition of recent paintings due to open shortly in New York City. Halfway through our meeting his wife, Fanny, came into the studio to carefully attend to any of her husband’s needs.

As you can well imagine, there are lots and lots of pictures of Ferrer Guasch’s many paintings to show but we simply don’t have enough room in this week’s edition for everything. Therefore, today we will show what is possible and then next week we will give our readers another opportunity to see more of the magnificent work that this true artist has achieved to put together over the decades of his colourful life.

Vicente Ferrer Guasch
The studio of Vicente Ferrer Guasch
Vicente Ferrer Guasch in his studio together with his wife Fanny
Vicente Ferrer Guasch with Jos? P Ribas

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Wednesday 14th August 2002)

Details: If you should require information on purchasing a painting from Vicente Ferrer Guasch then please don't hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

Gary Hardy