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The Adventures of PepIta

By Maria Jansen with Martin Davies

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"When little Pepita gets lost on sun-blessed Ibiza she's in for a real adventure, meeting all kinds of animals and people along the way. Will Eulalia's precious dog make it back to her cosy corner by the stove, rub noses again with Cabra the goat - or chase the squawking hens into the pomegranate tree? This alluring and beautifully illustrated tale evokes a Mediterranean paradise, and is sure to touch the hearts of children and adults alike."


Maria Jansen
As Child

Maria Jansen was born in Delft, Holland. She has lived for the past eleven years in a caravan in the Ibizan countryside, making goat’s cheeses and working with children. She especially enjoys bringing out their creative side. Her illustrations have appeared in a book of children’s rhymes, Uni, dori, teri, viteri (2010), and a dozen colour postcards.


Martin Davies was born in Liverpool and has lived in Ibiza since 1993. In 2000 he established Barbary Press, and has since written and edited eight titles in various languages about island culture and history. His other activities include teaching English, translating and contributing to books and journals on a wide range of subjects. As a publisher his aim is to weave together words and images in celebration of the extraordinary heritage of Ibiza and Formentera, past and present.


Nieves Montero Rubio was born in Barcelona and came to live on Ibiza when she was 15. As a professional storyteller she is well known in schools, libraries and bookshops around the island, and loves to share with children the imaginative ideas that lie behind successful artists’ books. She has founded four reading clubs, and with her unique collection of bookworks considers herself a bibliophile in the fullest sense.


Editor: Martin Davies

Spanish Translation: Eva María Ríos

Catalan Translation: Nora Albert


Publisher: Barbary Press, Ibiza

Distributor: Balàfia Postals

Dimensions: 64 pp., 25 cm, 61 col. Ill. (15 full-page), boards, illustrated, endpapers.

Price: 25 euro plus postage

ISBN: 84-615-7563-6 (English) The Adventures of Pepita

ISBN: 84-615-7686-1 (Spanish) La perrita Pepeta

ISBN: 84-615-7687-X (Catalan-English) La quissoneta Pepeta

Languages: Three separate language editions, including a bilingual Catalan-English version.

English: The Adventures of Pepita

Spanish: La perrita Pepeta

Catalan: La quissoneta Pepeta

Date of Publication: June 2012

Book Launch: 8.30 p.m. Thursday 14th June 2012 at the Club Diario de Ibiza, Avenida de la Paz, Eivissa Guest speakers Maria Jansen, Nieves Montero Rubio and Martin Davies

The Adventures of PepIta By Maria Jansen
Maria Trekking
With Her Dog, Floor
Maria Jansen
With Goats

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