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'Commentary' by Gary Hardy Edited the whole weekly newsletter as well as regularly providing commentary, photographs, and doing many of the articles about the island's artists. Gary contributed ninety-five articles from Saturday 3rd March 2001 to Saturday 21st December 2002.

'I Remember Ibiza' by Harold Liebow' The persons, places and events described in the pages of 'I Remember Ibiza' are sometimes real and sometimes imagined. But the atmosphere of the island in the 1960s is always as accurately conveyed as it was possible for me to create it. Writing about the spirit of Ibiza in those days causes it to live on inside of me and I hope that reading about it will bring it alive for you, too." Harold passed away on Wednesday 7th July 2010 at the Clinica Vilas in Ibiza Town aged 90, and was laid to rest two days later in the (Cementeri Nou de Sant Jordi - Sant Francesç) new San Jorge cemetery just north of San Francisco church in Salinas (southern corner facing the south-east wall). His wide and varied circle of friends remember him with enormous affection and admiration, a model host at numerous gatherings in Can Felix, the casa payesa he reformed with such originality and style. Standing on sloping ground to the west of Ibiza town and enjoying marvellous views across to Formentera, it was a place where good company, fine conversation and marvellous hospitality were practically guaranteed. Harold is survived by his third wife, Anja, whom he met shortly after settling permanently on Ibiza in 1965. Harold contributed twenty-three articles from Saturday 8th June to Saturday 9th November 2002.

'Local News' by Louise Wright Focused on local news, written by 17-year-old local reporter Louise Wright, including the disappearance of a young man who vanished on the day he arrived for a family holiday and a plane carrying six American businessmen that mysteriously disappeared over the island. Louise contributed twenty-one news articles on the island of Ibiza from Saturday 14th July to Saturday 22nd December 2001.

'Sober Life' by Sinclair Newton Strangely for such a hedonistic island, English journalist Sinclair Newton, who was a self-confessed reformed alcoholic, reported on the sober side of the sex, drugs and rock"n"roll culture, which normally dominates the tabloid headlines. Unfortunately, Sinclair died three days short of his 57th birthday on the morning of Monday 10th March 2003 at Tameside Hospital, Denton, Manchester, England of many complications around diabetes and a general breakdown of his health. Sinclair was cremated. However, Sinclair's witty 'Sober Life' columns' will always continue to live on as 'Sinclair's Virtual Memory'. Sinclair contributed eighty-eight amusing articles from Saturday 21st April 2001 through to Saturday 21st December 2002.

'Exclusive Interview' by Sinclair Newton With Clifford Irving's fourth wife and long time Ibiza resident, Edith Sommer at Christmas 1991.


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