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Ibiza And Formenteras Heritage: A Non-Clubbers Guide (Second Edition)
By Paul R. Davis

Editor: Martin Davies
Spanish Translation: Montse Ribes Sagus
Catalan Translation: Joan-Albert Ribas


Ibiza & Formentera’s Heritage forms an ideal companion to an archipelago boasting more than three millennia of historic monuments: neolithic settlements, Phoenician temples, Carthaginian dye-works, Islamic watermills, Renaissance defences, fortified churches, sturdy refuge towers, straw-roofed windmills, and traditional farmhouses. The surprising facts beneath today’s party capital are brought vividly to light via attractive reconstructions and a text aimed at non-experts and archaeology buffs alike. This handsomely-illustrated guide, now in a fully updated edition with six new drawings, combines erudition with readability, constituting an invaluable addition to the Balearic bookshelf.


Paul Davis was born in South Wales and educated at Dyfed College of Art. He has worked for the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, and is author-illustrator of ten books on the historic monuments of Wales, three in their second edition. The present work grew out of annual holidays on Ibiza, and a feeling that visitors as well as locals would appreciate a layman’s guide to the most important sites. He currently lives near Cardiff where he works as a surveyor. The present work grew out of annual holidays on Ibiza, and a feeling that visitors as well as locals would appreciate a layman’s guide to the most important sites showing what else Ibiza has to offer other than the disco and nightclub, and providing island residents with a fresh view of their cherished history.

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Barbary Press takes its name from a stretch of North African coast opposite Ibiza, recalled both in Formentera's Cap de Barbaria and in the Barbary fig, otherwise known as the prickly pear. Its logo is the lateen-rigged xebec, the fighting ship of both Barbary pirates and Ibicenco corsairs, reflecting the close ties between the Pityuses and the Berber lands further south. It played a vital role in island defence, with triangular sails that allowed it to sail close to the wind. Ibiza & Formentera's Heritage is the sixth work in a publishing programme which celebrates the rich cultural scene on Ibiza and Formentera. Eivissa-Ibiza: A Hundred Years of Light and Shade (2000, Second Edition 2007) and Eivissa-Ibiza: Island out of Time (2005) present the islands through the eyes of a hundred twentieth-century photographers, together with matching literary extracts. Birds of Ibiza (2006, Second Edition. 2013) showcases Sarah Nechamkin's paintings, which feature a range of island landscapes as well. Leif Borthen's The Road to San Vicente (2007), with wood engravings by Bill Fulljames, and articles by six other writers, recaptures Ibiza profunda in 1933 and 1960. A Valley Wide (2008, also with wood engravings) by Alexis Brown is another engaging memoir about San Vicente, but seen from a very different angle (the author moved there with her family in 1960). Finally, The Adventures of Pepita (2012) by Maria Jansen is an illustrated children's tale set in the beguiling landscapes of northern Ibiza. All Barbary titles are available in Spanish and English, and some in other languages as well. See www.ibizahistoryculture.com for further details.

Publisher: Barbary Press, Ibiza
Distributor: Balàfia Postals
Dimensions: 220/216/208 pages, 59 drawings, 40 photographs, 12 maps 16.5 x 22 cm
Price: 25 euro plus postage
ISBN: 978-84-61229079 (English) (Ibiza and Formentera’s Heritage: A Non-Clubber’s Guide)
ISBN: 978-84-61229086 (Spanish) (Ibiza y Formentera: el legado histórico)
ISBN: 978-84-61330515 (Catalan) (Eisvissa I Formentera: el llegat historic)
Languages: Three Editions:
English: Ibiza and Formentera’s Heritage: A Non-Clubber’s Guide)
Spanish: (Ibiza y Formentera: el legado histórico)
Catalan: Eisvissa I Formentera: el llegat historic)
Date of Publication:December 2009, Second Edition 2015
Book Launch: 8.30 p.m. Friday 11th December 2009 in the Biblioteca Municipal d’Eivissa, Can Vensoa, .Avenida d’Ignasi Wallis, 26 Ibiza town. Guest speakers Salvador Roig, Emily Kaufman and Martin Davies

Ibiza and Formentera’s Heritage: A Non-Clubber’s Guide by Paul R. Davis

Can Frare Verd
Bronze Age Settlement
Cap de Barbaria, Formentera
Sant Jordi
Ses Feixes
Kitchen Gardens
Refuge Tower
Can Negre
Watermill, Buscastell

How to purchase this book

Ibiza and Formentera’s Heritage: A Non-Clubber’s Guide by Paul R. Davis is available for purchase by directly contacting this office either by e-mail, fax, letter and telephone or in person. Payment is accepted by cash, traveller's cheques or by Credit Card.

The price of this book is 25 euro plus the cost of airmail postage and packaging to Spain 1 euro, UK/Europe 5 euro, the Rest of the World 8 euro and Airmail 10 euro.

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