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Nuestras Aves - Birds of Ibiza
By Sarah Nechamkin
Edited by Martin Davies

The Book

Nuestras Aves . Birds of Ibiza is a unique book centring on 26 full-page colour plates of local birds, both resident and visitor (e.g. Bee-eater, Hoopoe, Woodchat shrike, Goldfinch, Eleonora's falcon, Scops owl). Besides detailed representations of the actual birds, often depicted in flight as well as on the ground or perching, these egg tempera paintings are notable for an attractive variety of island landscapes (day and night) in the background, from coastal cliffs and salt pans to fields and woodland, always with a rich variety of trees and flowering plants. Each plate is accompanied by a paragraph in Spanish and English providing info rmation about diet, behaviour and habitat, with occasional notes on the derivation of names in various languages or anecdotes based on personal observation. The bird names are presented in Spanish, Latin, Catalan, English, German and French, with an accompanying index for each language. Other features include an introduction by Martin Davies (author/editor of two recent anthologies of photographs of Ibiza ), a list of exhibitions and books illustrated by Sarah Nechamkin, and a section of Further Reading which also includes websites, videos and DVDs.

The Artist/Author

Sarah Nechamkin was born in North London in 1917 into a family of artists recently arrived from Russia. She studied at the Chelsea School of Art from 1934 to 1938, where her tutors included the sculptor Henry Moore and the painter Graham Sutherland. After graduating she organized successful touring exhibitions on printing techniques and French book illustration for the forerunner of the Arts Council. At the end of the War, she taught for six years at the Chelsea School of Art (1946-52), while working at the same time as a freelance artist and designer. Her pattern papers for the Curwen Press and Penguin Books are now recognized as classics of post-War graphic design, while her work as a book illustrator includes several collections of  fairy tales, legends and nursery rhymes. Since coming to Ibiza in 1961

Sarah's landscape paintings have been the subject of numerous exhibitions on the island and in the UK, and the present book has been issued to coincide with a retrospective exhibition held in September 2006 at the Club Diario de Ibiza.

Publisher: Barbary Press, Ibiza
Distributor: Balàfia Postals
Dimensions: 72 pages, 26 colour plates, 22 x 17 cm
Price: 20 euro plus postage
ISBN: 84 611 24006
Languages: Spanish and English throughout.
Introductions: German, French and Italian.
Book Launched: Club Diario de Ibiza, Avenida de la Paz, Ronda E-10. Ibiza Town, Wednesday 4th                                           October 2006 at 20:30
Speakers: Jaume Estarellas (Técnico del medio ambiente del Consell Insular), Neus Escandell                               (Balàfia Postals), Martin Davies ( Barbary Press) and Sarah Nechamkin

How to purchase this book

This only one of its kind book on the Nuestras Aves · Birds of Ibiza Birds by Sarah Nechamkin and edited by Martin Davies, is available for purchase by directly contacting this office either by e-mail, fax, letter and telephone or in person. Payment is accepted by cash, traveller's cheques or by VISA and MasterCard.

The price of this book is 20 euro plus the cost of postage and packaging Spain 1 euro, UK/Europe 4 euro, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand surface 5 euro and airmail 10 euro.

Martin Davies



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