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Lorenzo Quinn

Commentary by Gary Hardy



For this week’s series in our of Artists on Ibiza, José P Ribas and I decided to trot along to interview and hopefully take some pictures of the sculptor, Lorenzo Quinn, in his peaceful environment as he was busy getting his exhibition together at the Galería “Es Moli” on the road to San Miguel.

There are plenty of places here on this island for the stars to go out to play and find their demy-gods, who also adore Ibiza. However, Lorenzo Quinn prefers not to spend too much of his precious time mingling amongst the celebrity cattle - in fact he told me: “We only go out to party in the clubs on one occasion during our two month period that we spend each summer on Ibiza.”

All credit must go to this dedicated young man for taking the time and going to all the trouble and expense of carting his huge weight of creations across the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Ibiza to exhibit so that the people on the island have the opportunity to see and appreciate his many works of art.

During our conversation, José asked me to telephone Antonio Homigo, because Lorenzo wanted to speak and possibly make a met with this unique Ibicencan sculptor, who was the first in our fortnightly series of Artists on Ibiza, which was published in Weekly Edition 035 on Saturday 27th October 2001.

The only time that Lorenzo happened to mention his famous father was after talking on the telephone with Hormigo when Quinn said: “It’s a pity that my father is still not alive to see the work of Antonio Hormigo.

On Quinn’s website is written: Being the son of a legend has never been easy for Lorenzo”...people expect so much more of me and they create preconceptions which most of the time are incorrect. This enormous weight I carry around, however, makes me strive for more and try to achieve that perfection, which deep down I know I will never achieve and thank god for that because the day I feel that I have achieved all, then it will be the day I die as an artist..."

Lorenzo Quinn
Galería “Es Moli”
Heart and Soul
The creation
Holding each other up
The back porch at Galería “Es Moli”
José P Ribas discussing art with Lorenzo Quinn
The back garden at Galería “Es Moli” and part of the exhibition
Time Flies
Lorenzo Quinn with José P Ribas

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Tuesday 30th July 2002)

Details: If you should require any further information about Lorenzo Quinn and his work then we suggest you visit his personal website at http://www.lorenzo-quinn.com where there is a vast amount of information and pictures of the artist and his work

Gary Hardy