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by Gary Hardy

Almost Ready-To-Go-Ahead



I am very pleased to write that this is the twenty-second edition of our weekly online publication and since the first issue there has hardly been time to blow one's nose and my mind is in a whirl.

I have no doubt whatsoever that we will now fine-tune a real-life opinion which will mean we are almost ready-to-go-ahead to move on from too much of nothing and all that jazz.

I know very well that enough has already been written here to prove our credibility and there's a level of involvement in absorbing positive weekly events.

Therefore, using rhyme and reason would-be exciting times are here and also to remain realistic there is a special opportunity before us if we use our heads properly and step up a level which will lead to a full-scale mind-blowing success for everybody concerned.

With hindsight we'll always have to deal with problems but it's more important in which manner do we chose to tie frayed ends.

I believe you just can't sit back and hope for a happy ending because with spontaneity, you cannot possibly succeed to stand-up-and-be counted.

It'll be truly fascinating to find out through logic, common sense with working social tactics and straight-down-the-line management skills what uphill slog, downhill glory and shark-infested pleasures will come our way here through this ever-growing publication on the unique island of Ibiza.

Furthermore, I am immensely satisfied with the safety-first-policies shown by a well-balanced line-up of our high-spirited writers, Emily Kaufman, José P Ribas, Louise Wright and Sinclair Newton, who individually make this an obvious possible solution for a huge success.

I am of the firm opinion from our previous twenty-one weekly editions that we are now on the brink of achieving something very special.

Therefore, it will be amazing with enormous satisfaction in getting all our future issues done properly with skill and panache, simply because, job satisfaction is a major issue to our weekly publication.

Ultimately: Our sincere heartfelt thank-you's to our ever increasing faithful readership and because of this we are now all fully committed here to having a permanent responsibility that we are prepared to put our energy and time into conducting a piece-by-piece inspection for this guilt-edged weekly publication.

Gary Hardy