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by Gary Hardy

One Year Ago Today



One year ago today the first weekly edition of THE ELECTRONIC IBIZA HISTORY CULTURE was published online and I'm very happy to write that we shall, hopefully, go on to produce many, many more interesting weekly issues over the years to come.

I decided to begin this weekly publication, simply because, I have a great passion for this wonderful island and I was sick and tired of hearing and reading mostly negative things about Ibiza. Therefore, I thought it was about time that somebody started to put together some positive news and attractive features on our unique island of Ibiza.

Emily Kaufman and myself produced the initial Weekly Edition 001: Saturday 3rd March 2001 and Emily has done wonders over the primary year to write and create so many interesting articles week after week after week on this attention-grabbing topic of the "History of Ibiza". Not only does Emily research and write the fact well for her column on the "History of Ibiza" but she also writes a very good interview on the remarkable people of the island who she has spoken with over the past twelve-month period.

Sinclair Newton, our humorous "Sober Life" columnist was the next to join the cause with his first article "Pig" in Weekly Edition 008: Saturday 21st April 2001. My personal favourite "Sober Life" was "Cake" in Weekly Edition 039: Saturday 24th November 2001 in which Sinclair started making a cake and within a few lines he ended up going to war.

José P Ribas made his debut and wrote his first "Island Ecology" column "Proem" for Weekly Edition 017: Saturday 23rd June 2001. During his period of time with Ibiza History Culture José has written several out of the ordinary articles on the fascinating ecology of the island of Ibiza. Furthermore, José has also contributed a lot more to the good quality of our fortnightly series of "Artists on Ibiza" which with today's feature is our tenth article on this worthy of note subject.

Louise Wright was the next who made her first appearance by writing the "Local News" column for Weekly Edition 020: Saturday 14th July 2001. Louise is currently on an enforced sabbatical from Ibiza History Culture and is at present studying very hard so she'll to be able to pass the examinations that if successful will reward her with an automatic entrance to University. Nonetheless, we expect Louise to be back amongst us writing her informative "Local News" column sometime later this summer when all her exams are finished.

Kirk W Huffman our anthropologist and wizard made his introduction with writing his extraordinary "An Anthropological View" column "Water and Water and Water" in Weekly Edition 025: Saturday 18th August 2001. Kirk is a definite constant mind of information that really does cover to the full all aspects of the subject this intellect has chosen to write about.

Then there is our webmaster, Antonio Ribas Bamberger, without whom we could not produce this weekly product because he is the genius who constantly works behind the scene to put everything perfectly together and to send out the weekly publication to our subscribers each Saturday.

I would like to give our sincere thanks to all those folk out there who read online and also to those people who have subscribed to receive our weekly publication free of charge each Saturday.

We really do appreciate the written enquires you send in asking about the many intriguing happenings that take place throughout the year here on Ibiza.

Finally, we would also be grateful for any encouraging suggestions of how you may think that we can improve our weekly publication. Therefore, please feel free to write and let us know about any of your ideas that could possibly be of benefit to Ibiza History Culture.

Muchas gracias.

Gary Hardy