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by Gary Hardy




It's lovely to welcome back Emily Kaufman this week to her regular Saturday column History of Ibiza after returning to the fold from taking a well-earned five-week sabbatical.

Although we've missed Emily Kaufman there was a positive side to her break as we discovered a talented new writer to add to our Saturday publication in Martin Davies, who from next week will continue writing a fortnightly article on his more than interesting column, Bibliomaniacs' Corner.

This week we got a telephone request followed by e-mail from a Lucy Akrill, who is a Producer at Granada Television in the UK. Lucy Akrill asked us for advice because Granada intend to come out to the island this summer in early June to make what initially appears to be yet another negative television programme on Ibiza.

Lucy Akrill wrote: "I'm working on a one-hour documentary for ITV about tourists behaving badly. What I'm looking at is what people on the inside think of bad mannered tourists. It would be great if you could put me in touch with people who were involved with tourism but got out. Or indeed people who are still involved but get fed up with certain aspects of the job. Also any ex Club reps. Or locals who knew Ibiza before it was party land and who feel nostalgic about that time."

I suggest Granada Television should read some of our article on Ibiza, especially my Commentary column "Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘N' Roll" in Weekly Edition 023 of Saturday 4th August 2001, where I wrote about SKY Television making their initial appearance on the island during the early summer of 1997. Their programme director, Tom Quicke, came into our office at the time to explain that SKY Television had come to the island to make several television series on Ibiza.

I explained in my column last August of how we supplied SKY with positive material for the good of all concerned. Nonetheless, Tom Quicke was instructed by the SKY powers that be to produce Ibiza Uncovered. There's an awful lot more to this island then Sky revealed in their randy television series.

Ibiza is not a threat or a nightmare that needs a big clean-up so surely this is a well-trodden trail with lashings of below-par-performances of the sexual shenanigans that come across on television as either crude or ridiculous on the must-see lifestyle of summer on Ibiza.

We all experience the world in a unique way but people do put a lot of hope in holidays where the summertime and living it up isn't easy here on the island. This is another ripple in a doll-sized teacup that will most probably be blown up again into a media storm. If I truly expressed all my opinions some of the people out there would be breaking into a cold sweat at suggestions from some of the in-yer-face type media who come to haunt Ibiza.

Every subject has its professional jargon but the lion's share of the blame for young people behaving badly on holiday is laid at the door of the type of media that come to the island to entice the minority who obviously show they have the brains of a rockin horse.

Words once spoken can never be recalled. I started our (what Sinclair Newton christened) Saturday Whiz-Bang to inform and share with folk out there some of the colourful insight of the island and to also offer a definite guide for would-be interested people on Ibiza.

Therefore, it is our intention if allowed, to eventually forge a more-than-useful alliance with Granada to hopefully get some positive points across on why this ancient island is such a strong attraction and a huge influence on the party-loving young people who flock each summer to Ibiza.

We appreciate our readers written views and opinions so please carry-on writing in and we will always be pleased to reply and do our very best to answers your questions.

Gary Hardy