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by Gary Hardy

Summertime on the Horizon



This is the final day of March, which indicates our bizarre summer tourist season is around the corner as folk begin to flock back to paradise in search of a place to live and a job to keep themselves here during the crazy summertime on this unique island of Ibiza.

Ibiza's has two seasons each year one is winter and the other is summer and currently the countryside looks absolutely magnificent with an abundance of multi-coloured fields full of wildflowers and a continuous kaleidoscopic hedgerow running alongside each and every road and lane throughout this exquisite island.

The local bar owners, restaurant proprietors and shopkeepers are now quiet busy cleaning, completing necessary alterations and painting and decorating their business premises in preparation for the start of what should yet again be another exceptional busy summer tourist season here on Ibiza.

Living it up here during summertime isn't normally easy after wintertime for the locals in their own natural environment especially dealing with the hordes of holidaymakers tantrums, high temperatures with overcrowding and the must-see long queues outside the island's primary discothèques.

Furthermore, this summer will probably be more hectic and possibly a foreseeable financial benefit from the "Foot-and-Mouth" for the major dance music scene here on Ibiza. If the regular summer festivals in the UK are wiped out through this disease until September, music fans might have to travel abroad and this may very well bring thousands more of those normally mud-clad festivalgoers here to the island for their alfresco entertainment this summer.

Obviously, we hope it will not be necessary to disinfect every dance music fan passing through here during this summer with steadily worsening hygiene problems which could be put on hold by a disease that the island knows little about and understands even less.

Nonetheless, we will publish within the next week or so this summer's itemized schedule of all the island's major night club events and festivals with a DJs line-up when each club can confirm a summer programme of their individual party nights. I believe that this summer's opening night at Es Paradis Terrenal in San Antonio is currently set for Friday 11th May, which is much earlier then during previous years.

Ending up time: "All victims are equal and none is more equal than others."

Gary Hardy