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by Gary Hardy

San Antonio Face-Lift
Part Five: Working In The Rain



“Working In The Rain” is the theme for our fifth weekly photographic series of the face-lift that took place a decade ago in central San Antonio.

This type of wet weather during a mere April shower couldn’t stop the local workforce from getting their job done, because it was essential that the town had to be shipshape for when the first holidaymakers arrived here at the beginning of our summer tourist season, which normally kicks-off each year at the start May.

Shell Of The Christopher Columbus Egg

What Goes A-Round Comes A-Round
Heave To
Traffic Exertion
Hive Of Activity
Hither & Thither
Keep In Step With The Laughing Workmates
Front Liner
Running In The Rain

Plea To Drill Deeper

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (6th April 1992)

Gary Hardy