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by Gary Hardy

Ibiza Winter Technicolor - Part Two



The island is so very stunning and spectacular at present that I've decided again for the second week running to show another selection of colour pictures that demonstrates the true winter wonderland of Ibiza.

There is very little pollution on Ibiza and the modest amount only comes from the common motor car, which is always blown away with the favourable ever-changing winds. The winter weather is unlike the consent summer heat because we are still in Europe and at night it can get chilly. This natural environment provides us with an exceptional light during the winter months and this makes the island a perfect studio for taking beautiful pictures.

Finca And A Field Of Wild Flowers

A Field Of Potatoes

Roaming Pasture

Almond Blossom In The Valley

A Golgota - Beware Of The Devil

Haystacks And A Field Of Wild Flowers

Country Woman Carrying Home A Sack Of Grass For The Animals

A Farmer Cutting Grass For His Animals

Isla Es Vedrà

Sunset From Can Germà

All Pictures © Gary Hardy

Gary Hardy