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by Gary Hardy

The Good and Not Too Good News



First the good (staff) news is that our learned anthropologist, Kirk W Huffman, has returned after a Christmas and New Year holiday break with his wife in the UK and Germany and is now here to carry on writing his attention-grabbing weekly "An Anthropological View" article for our weekly whiz-bang.

The Not Too Good (Staff) News

The not too good (staff) news is that our inspirational reporter, Louise Wright, has also returned to the island after an extensive tour drive with her parents around Europe. However, unfortunately, this talented young lady will not (for the time being) be able to carry on writing her weekly informative "Local News" column for Saturday edition.

Louise is starting the final course of her schooling, where she has to get top grades to qualify for an automatic entrance into university. Therefore, Louise without any forms of distraction whatsoever is going to have to study very hard for the next four or five-month period. Hopefully, after Louise has passed her examines with flying colours, she will then return to us and carry on writing her weekly news column sometime in the summer near to July.

Continuing With The Good (Staff) News

Nonetheless, there are five capable people here who will continue to do their very best each week for the adrenaline trill of the story and the discipline of the deadline to provide our readers with interesting articles and colourful pictures on simply what happens here on the unique island of Ibiza.

Emily Kaufman will continue to provide her weekly piece of writing on "History on Ibiza. Sinclair Newton will carry on with his "Sober Life" article. José P Ribas will go on with his "Island Ecology" critique. Kirk W Huffman will keep on with his "An Anthropological View" editorial and I will continue to maintain my "Commentary" column.

The Good (Weather & Technicolor Light) News

The weather here at present is lovely and sunny during the day with a clear blue sky but it's still fairly chilly but dry at night when the heavens are full of stars. The daylight this past few days has been absolutely fantastic, especially for the people who want to take photographs or produce an outdoors painting.

This is the perfect time of the year to be here and enjoy the island, simply because, it smells so fresh and the current climate in Ibiza is typical of a good quality country holiday where you fish in the sea and not in a river.

The almond blossom and a mulitude of wild flowers in the fields and the hedgerow are beginning to appear throughout the countryside and shortly the whole island will be transformed into a huge technicolor paradise.

I'll put together a selection of colour pictures for this column in next week's edition to show the folk on the outside world how beautiful it can really look here during this period of the year in Ibiza.

Gary Hardy