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by Gary Hardy




I'm wondering why there is all this doom-and-gloom so as a staring-point and to sort the wheat from the chaff, there is no greater crime, in my eyes, than being a little gloomy. You cannot run a business if you don't know what your liabilities are?

It is one of the great illusions of progressivism thought that there is always something to be done; that there is a solution to every problem that faces us, that we can discover that solution by reason, and that the solution consists in doing something either politically or individually.

I don't possess the qualification for this political type of warfare, simply because, I'm a stone age survivor who's still open-minded about the whole situation and things can change from day-to-day. It's being able to see the full picture that counts for credibility and to cover-up and then un-cover, why? The ums and ahs over that - what utter bunkum!

So, as a result of ever-increasing democratic inclusiveness, what we need to do is to eschew extravagance, ostentation and cleverness and return to the peasant-like simplicity of manner and taste to work hand-in-hand.

For over twenty-years I've lived in Ibiza, documenting fast-disappearing, local traditional aspects of the typical Ibicenco way-of-life. I've photographed ordinary close-to-home things and rural ways to make you think there is something wrong in the ordinary.

Draw on my own experiences, we have our desires, given to us by nature and environment is a delay in life but if you discover Ibiza in the right frame of mind then genuinely you will break through to the other side. I don't see the world in black and white, because I can have a change of mind over logical conclusions.

However, I'm undaunted because it doesn't really matter which pigeonhole you push it into, you are sure to be wrong and the internecine warfare threatens the existence of communities on both sides of the border. What a talenless twerp who wants to suffer?

Ibiza's biggest-selling quality is all gold and glittering where day after day you can loll on your beach bed lizardlike behind your shades watching the world go by as your oyster - and lobster. One of the most crucial things on a holiday is to make sure everyone has enough space. Alas, an also-ran.

Ibiza is an oasis of insanity in a world gone mad and before the summer blows, we should clarify the situation that some poor soul in this asylum will forget to pay his brain bill and come out of this crazy summer season as a severe psychological basket case.

Extremity: maybe it's because I speak my mind and try to tell the truth that I'm might tantalize certain folk in our establishment. Nonetheless, I wrote something positive about this so-called doom-and-gloom negative attitude in (Weekly Edition 005) "Summertime on the Horizon."

Gary Hardy